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Some Kind of Superstar


There always seems to be a slight background pressure in all aspects of life where many of us feel the need to keep up.  It’s so fast moving and there’s so much to do that we may also believe that we’re falling behind.  We feel that our full potential, and therefore our true happiness, is on the other side of the to-do list!

Therefore, MDO ( was created to do two things:

Baby_Robot_81(i) Recognise and celebrate the good stuff that we all already have, the good things we’re already doing and the good people that we already are.

Our lives can be simplified into six major areas and if we really examine each: health, wealth, relationships, growth, contributions and downtime – then we can see what really needs work and what is actually doing pretty ok.

Baby_Robot_72(ii)  Accept that there are some good habits out there that do help us.  We want to bring together the best ideas, and discover the most stress-free ways, to make those ideas part of what we do daily.

Fortunately, some very clever people out there have a genuine wish to help us stressed-out folk.  So MDO is very happy to do the legwork – we love legwork, that’s why we’re here –  and find out what those clever people are saying.  So that’s one less thing on your plate!  Follow us to easily get great ideas that just might transform your life!

Shawn Achor from Ted Life Hacks provides a nice little reminder on the topsy-turvy way we view our lives and shows us how to spin it around so that we keep proper perspective.  Lets get organised as much as we can… but lets not forget that we’ve probably achieved quite a bit already and that we all deserve some recognition for being the superstar that we already are.

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