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Why Thoughts Become Our Destiny


As wise people have always said “our thoughts become our actions, our actions become our habits, our habits become our character and our character becomes our destiny.”

Daily habits are our destiny. What we do everyday leads us to its logical conclusion. 

Baby_Robot_19_74x90But there’s no need to panic, that doesn’t mean our destiny is doomed. We just need to become more conscious of what we are doing and why we are doing it. Becoming more conscious is the key to all of life’s treasures. For example, we may suddenly realise that the happiness we are looking for only involves half of the activities with which we fill our days.

So what is the first step in becoming more conscious and reclaiming our destiny? Rather than scrapping everything and starting again, this can be as simple as a new evening routine. Some time before going to bed, we can start doing things differently.  In our previous post – Some Kind of Superstar – we featured a video by Shawn Achor of Ted Life Hacks.  To help maintain a positive outlook on life, Mr. Achor recommends the following actions every day:

  • 3 gratitudes
  • Journalling of something positive that happened that day
  • Exercise
  • Meditation
  • Random Acts of Kindness

Lets start with the top two today (we will look at the others in future posts).  Listing 3 gratitudes and journalling something positive that happened to us on a daily basis is extremely powerful because we naturally reflect on the negative.  Examine what you were thinking about for the 30 minutes before reading this article – was it positive or negative? Right?

Baby_Robot_26_78x90This seemingly small new habit can really start to pull our perspective into a little more objectivity.  If we are prepared to really look at our day we can start to see some details that we may have missed before.  The lady at the bus stop smiled at me.   The days I look rubbish, means the days that I don’t are emphasised!  I did really well on that issue today at work – even if no one else realised.

This change is not as simple as it sounds given that we’ve been training ourselves all our lives to do the opposite.  After all, our stories are much more interesting if we avert disaster on a regular basis! But if we can turn off the news, television or the internet just 10 minutes earlier every night perhaps we can start going to sleep on better thoughts and dreams.  Given that our thoughts become our destiny… it could be wiser not to leave them to chance.

Good luck and sweet dreams!

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