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Your Best Year Yet

Mar 12, 14 • myContribution, myDayOrganised, myDowntime, myGrowth, myHealth, myRelationships, myWealthComments Off on Your Best Year YetRead More »
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It’s March, which means we’re already into spring, which means summer will follow soon after that. Time really flies.  How are your New Year resolutions going? We’re not sure about you but we know how they usually go and how they are going for us!

Baby_Robot_29New Year resolutions are certainly useful for setting our “goals” for the upcoming year.  But, generally speaking, they are ill-thought-out and have no relation to what we do, or plan to do, on a daily basis.  And what we already do on a daily basis doesn’t lead us back to those goals!  Yup – those dots just don’t connect.

Nevermind, lets start again, but this time – lets do it properly. :)

Firstly, goals are the “big things” we mentioned in our previous post – they are what keep the small things going in the right direction. “Yes, but I’m doing lots of small things and I  haven’t chosen a direction!”, you might say.  Well, then you need some goals!  This simply means you won’t end up at the end of the year wondering what it was all about or if you have anything to show for it.  

How do you decide your goals?  If you’re starting to understand MDO by now, then you’ll know that we think that you’re already some kind of superstar.  So firstly, you need to blow your own trumpet, give yourself a pat on the back and just acknowledge all the good that already is.  After becoming really clear on this,  you can then calmly look at where you still want to go.

Baby_Robot_50One of our all time favourite references for doing all this is the unassuming book Your Best Year Yet by Jinny Ditzler.  This tiny book is actually quite a giant. As well as advocating the 360 degree view of ourselves, the author also suggests an alternative approach to goal-setting: rather than deciding what we want to achieve, we can decide who we want to be.

What does that mean?  Our MDO tip is to apply this to the six major areas in our lives: health, wealth, relationships, growth, downtime and contribution.  We are the caretakers of each of those areas and what happens in them is entirely down to us.  Therefore, what roles do we play, or want to play, in each one?   Lets look at health: given that you are the caretaker of your health, perhaps you are – or want to be – a runner, a good cook or a non-smoker?  

Now that we have our roles, we can then decide how we want to play them. What is genuinley and uniquely important to us? Passion? Flair? Integrity? Persistence? Courage? Individuality? Creativity? Ambition? Honesty? Love? Commitment?

If we do this for every area of our lives, we suddenly have lots of big ideas for the upcoming year.  Once we have these two powerful pieces of information – our values and our roles – we can easily translate them into meaningful tasks, habits and goals.

In the words of Jinny:

“Your personal values and your intentions for each role take the lead in your life and give it shape and direction.   Be selfish for a short time now so you can decide where you stand and what you stand for.

MDO Team Before:  I want to get fit this year and run a 10K.

MDO Team After:  Because passion and commitment are important to me, I am also a passionate and committed runner. I run at least 3 times a month.  I run alone, I run with friends, but on my run days – I run.  Sometimes I only run for 5 minutes but it’s OK.  I love finding new routes, I love being outside, I love the feeling of getting stronger, I love helping others get started, I love love love buying new gear :).   I love knowing that even on the days I don’t want to go out, I’ll go out anyway at least 3 times a month.  There are definitely many obstacles which try to get in the way – including my own thoughts – but I am committed to overcoming them.  On the back of my commitment to running, which in turn is my commitment to my health, I aim to enter a race that appeals to me by the end of the year.  For 2014, I choose to express my passion and commitment through running – it is part of who I am and it is part of what defines me.  

Jinny Ditzler: “Value driven goals lead to behaviour and performance which are true expressions of who we are.  This in turn leads to the success and satisfaction we’ve been longing for.”

This may seem like a huge amount of work, but this can really all be completed in one lazy Sunday afternoon, alone or with family or friends.  Sensibly, Your Best Year Yet also advocates focusing on just one “Major Role” for the whole of the year, although “minor” roles are also explored.  So what are you waiting for?  It may be March, but fortunately, it’s never too late to start your best year yet!  

We’ve added a few extra words below from the late and great Jim Rohn, a “rags to riches” entrepreneur, author and entertaining motivational speaker:

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