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Unboxed… Neila Rey’s “Abs of Steel”!

Mar 18, 14 • myDayOrganised, UnboxedComments Off on Unboxed… Neila Rey’s “Abs of Steel”!Read More »

“Unboxed” series: there’s so much information on the net.  What’s useful?  We celebrate sites that just tell you what you need to know, and tell it exceptionally well.

Neila Rey knows what she’s talking about. Try her 30 or 90 day challenges and get the body shape you crave.  She also describes “how to start a healthy lifestyle”, “how to stay committed to exercise” and “how to make any workout feel easier” – amongst many other incredibly useful tips and information.

We particularly love the 30 days of HIIT program – this program has been enriched with interval training targeting your abs and core. Cardio oriented HIIT workouts will help you get rid of the extra reserves in the midsection followed by ab work that will tighten up and work the muscles further.

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