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Money – What You Need To Know About It

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Man with Money

Wealth, is of course, financial, material, spiritual and mental.  But today we will talk about Money.

Baby_Robot_82How does that word make you feel?  Do you grimace and wish the whole topic would go away?
Do you feel limited or powerless or that there is never enough no matter how much you earn?  Do you feel insecure or out-of-control?  Well, it would seem, you’re not alone. This appears to be how many of us feel a lot of the time.  What a struggle it is.

However, does money need to be a struggle?  Few of us actually seem to know much about it.   We look around and most of us seem to be wrestling with some aspect of it. And we just don’t want to talk about it.  Could there be some basic rules that we need to know about?  Could there be a simple truth?  Unfortunately, many of us assume that the subject is just too big and too difficult to explore.   Even if we did look into it, there is also the chance that we would simply die of boredom, or even worse, end up looking and sounding like a banker.  Whoa.

MDO thinks it’s worth having at least a few ideas about money.  If nothing else, this can help put the brakes on feeling so powerless. What are these ideas and do they really work?

There are actually many great books and teachers out there sharing their knowledge on wealth and money.  In the first instance, MDO recommends The Richest Man in Babylon, written in 1926, by George Samuel Clason.  Old-fashioned wisdom, tried and tested, told as a series of parables set in ancient Babylon. This book is not only a simple place to start but could quite possibly be the only reference that many of us ever need regarding money.  The “Arabian nights” style of this book, written as a conversation between chariot-builder Bansir, musician Kobbi and the wealthy Arkad, means it is a  painless read even for those of us who are positively averse to thinking and talking about money.

Baby_Robot_47Our favourite chapter – “A part of all you earn is yours to keep” – describes one of the major differences between the financial habits of the “wealthy” and the financial habits of the “poor”.

Explained simply, the author suggests that the “wealthy” – which refers to any income bracket and is a mindset – put aside at least 10% of anything and everything they ever earn – no matter how little that may be – and from the first day they ever receive a penny.  This money is entirely saved, or only used to grow what is already there.  We can see that in this way, we will always have something that is entirely our own and we will always have something to show for any and all of our efforts. If we think about this for a moment, we can immediately sense that this is a giant foundation in financial well-being, self-respect and attitude.  It is also possible for anyone.    

If we don’t have any considered rules, thoughts or ideas – we will always feel at the mercy of money.  The Richest Man in Babylon helps us claim our power back, simply because it gives us some rules.  We can modify, accept or reject these rules – but at least we now have something to work with.

In the words of our old friend Jim Rohn: “you don’t have to like the setup, but you should learn it… it’s called your basic smart… learn to get on the good side of the way things work…”.   There is more funny, helpful insight from Mr. Rohn below …


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