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Unboxed… 10 Best Plants to Grow Indoors For Air Purification

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Unboxed… 10 Best Plants to Grow Indoors For Air Purification.

Indoor air can be up to 50 times more polluted than outdoor air.  That’s pretty scary considering that we spend close to 90% of our lives indoors. Why is indoor air so polluted?  Well, outdoor air pollution infiltrates into buildings. Without appropriate ventilation, it accumulates and can even react with other indoor air pollutants.

Indoor air pollution is made of outdoor air pollutants, including heating and traffic particles and gases that infiltrate into our buildings as well as chemicals emissions from building materials, DIY products, cleaning products, air fresheners, combustion particles from heating, cooking and candles, pets allergens, electronics and appliances offgasing…

Therefore this list of 10 Best Plants to Grow Indoors For Air Purification, by, could literally be a lifesaver.  This list of plants, compiled by NASA, help us reap the benefits that nature can offer by helping to clear the air we breathe.

Below we’ve listed some of the plants readily available to purchase online.  Click on the links now and start purifying your home!

Aloe Plant

aloeveraAloe can help clear the air of pollutants found in chemical cleaning products. Interestingly, when the amount of harmful chemicals in the air become excessive, the plant’s leaves will display brown spots.

English Ivy

english_ivyAccording to NASA, English Ivy is the number one houseplant to grow indoors due to its incredible air filtering abilities. It is the most effective plant when it comes to absorbing formaldehyde, and is even easy to grow.

Snake Plant

SnakePlantA wonderful corner plant, the snake plant can thrive without much light or water. It’s also efficient at absorbing carbon dioxide and releases oxygen during the night (while most plants do during the day), therefore one in the bedroom may help you in experience better sleep.

Peace Lily

PeaceLilyThis beautiful flower is a wonderful low-maintenance plant to keep in the home. Peace lilies do well in shade and cooler temperatures, and they can reduce the levels of a number of toxins in the air.

Spider Plant

spiderplantSpider plants are easy to grow and are a popular house plant for many. Effective at fighting off pollutants (including benzene, formaldehyde, carbon monoxide, and xylene), they’re a beautiful addition to any home seeking cleaner air.

Golden Pothos

goldenpothosThe pothos is a simple – yet beautiful – plant. It grows best in cool temperatures and in low levels of sunlight. Able to clear formaldehyde from the air, it’s a beneficial plant to have in your living room or as a hanging plant, as the leaves will grow down in cascading vines.

Read more and find the full list here:



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