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We Love… Derek Sivers: “Hell Yeah! or No.”

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We Love… Derek Sivers.

Derek Sivers is a musician, programmer, writer, entrepreneur and student.  He’s fascinated with the usable psychology of self-improvement, communication, business, philosophy, and cross-cultural relativism.

Originally a professional musician and circus clown, Derek Sivers created CD Baby in 1998.  It became the largest seller of independent music online, with $100M in sales for 150,000 musicians.  In 2008, Derek sold CD Baby for $22M, giving the proceeds to a charitable trust for music education.


We love this advice from

No more yes. It’s either HELL YEAH! or no.

“Those of you who often over-commit or feel too scattered may appreciate a new philosophy I’m trying:

If I’m not saying “HELL YEAH!” about something, then say no.

Meaning: When deciding whether to commit to something, if I feel anything less than, “Wow! That would be amazing! Absolutely! Hell yeah!” – then my answer is no.

When you say no to most things, you leave room in your life to really throw yourself completely into that rare thing that makes you say “HELL YEAH!”

We’re all busy. We’ve all taken on too much. Saying yes to less is the way out.


I was hiring someone for a long-term project. There were many candidates. I compared pros-and-cons. Nobody blew me away, but I felt I had to choose one of them. Instead, I said no to all, and began the search again in a different way. That turned up someone absolutely amazing who is ideal and I’m psyched to be working with.

I was supposed to go to three music conferences in the next few months. They were spread out around the world and would have taken many expensive days in planes and hotels to be there. I had said yes to all of them out of habit or obligation. But I realized I wasn’t feeling “HELL YEAH!” about them, so I cancelled all three. They’re a little disappointed but I was able to clear off 12 days in my calendar! 12 days!! Do you know how much I can do with 12 free days? Maybe I could get Muckwork launched! Now that is a “HELL YEAH!”

I was deciding where to live. I had heard good things about Vancouver and Sydney. I was interested in Hong Kong and Florianópolis. But when I got to New York City I felt such an instant “HELL YEAH!” that I stayed…”

Little known fact, Derek Sivers was also responsible for this extremely popular “How to start a movement” video…

Find out more about Derek Sivers here:

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