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We Love… “Eat, Pray, Love” Elizabeth Gilbert

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Eat, Pray, Love

We Love… Elizabeth Gilbert.

Elizabeth Gilbert is the author of the book “Eat, Pray, Love”, which was made into the 2010 film with Julia Roberts.  But we love Elizabeth Gilbert not because of the books that she writes, or even that she is a writer at all… but because she is passionate about what she does and she is willing to accept whatever comes as a result of it.  

She was once a “failure” i.e. an “unpublished diner waitress, devastated by rejection letters”.  She is now a “success”, with a book that’s been on the New York Best Sellers list for 199 weeks and a hollywood film made off the back of it.  However, she remains balanced on both failure and success and talks extensively on how neither can  be the driver for a meaningful life.  

With wit and humour Elizabeth confesses that she’s aware that her “greatest success” may potentially be behind her.  However, she gives us a wonderful perspective into how we can view the creativity that is within all of us.  She also disarmingly persuades us to “come home” – i.e. find and nurture the one thing that we love more than we  love ourselves.

“Your home is whatever in this world you love more than you love yourself. So that might be creativity, it might be family, it might be invention, adventure, faith, service, it might be raising corgis, I don’t know, your home is that thing to which you can dedicate your energies with such singular devotion that the ultimate results become inconsequential.”

We highlight two of our favourite Elizabeth Gilbert talks below:


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