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We Love… aListofBooks

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We Love… aListofBooks.

Don’t know what to read next? Want to be better read and well-versed in literature? is unique in that it presents 13 “Top 100” lists of mostly classic literature.  It then combines all 13 lists, using a points system, to provide the ultimate “Top 100 Books” list.

Some of the 13 individual lists are decidedly American, while others are British.  British lists that have been included are, for example,  “100 Greatest Novels of All Time” by the Guardian and “The Big Read” by the BBC.

MDO loves because it’s set out in a visual way that is simple to use.  It doesn’t get bogged down in too much information.  All you get is a decent attempt at an objective compilation of good books.

So, if you’re stuck for what to read next, go take a look.


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