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Unboxed… How To Perform CPR

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Unboxed… How To Perform CPR.

If not in real life, then we’ve all watched the movies and we’ve all been affected by dramatic scenes where key characters are brought back to life by last-minute CPR.  But, if we were in that situation, where an adult or child were unconscious and not breathing, how many of us would know what to do?


If we don’t already have the skills, there are probably many times when we’ve wondered how to actually do CPR correctly and possibly even thought about finding and taking a course.  However, as with many good intentions, it got resigned to our “one day” to-do list leaving most of us clueless in these life-threatening situations.


For this reason the “Learn CPR” website, a free public service supported by the University of Washington School of Medicine, is the best way to spend your next 15 minutes of free time.  Not only does it list how to do CPR on adults, children and even your pets, but it also has video demonstrations and further facts, quizzes and information.  The information on this website is very  clearly presented, easy to follow and gives us a starting point that we may not have had previously.


However, as stated on the “Learn CPR” website the information given cannot replace real CPR or first aid training. It is still important to try to attend a CPR training course.   St. John’s Ambulance in the UK also describes the procedure on it’s website here.  More importantly, it also lists first aid courses throughout the country.  Perhaps it’s finally time to tick a good intention off the list? :)



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