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We Love… Lonely Planet’s Top 10 Treks in the World


We Love… Lonely Planet’s Top 10 Treks in the World.

The Lonely Planet books are an institution amongst budget travellers and have helped many of the uninitiated to travel the world.  But if you’ve done your fair share of hostels and the regular backpacking trail, and you’re ready to up your game, then this list of the “Top 10 Treks” in the world could be your next challenge.

“These 10 classic treks are for serious walkers. All of them require a sturdy pair of lungs, fit legs and a good amount of preparation. However, if you choose to go on any of these trails then you will be rewarded with experiences that last a lifetime.”

Ranging from France to India to the USA to Peru, get your hiking boots on now, and get ready to walk.



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