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Unboxed… Top Green Smoothie Recipes

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Unboxed… Top Green Smoothie Recipes.

We keep hearing about green smoothies but they don’t sound very appealing?  We want to eat more healthily but we don’t really know how or where to begin?  We know you should cut out processed meals – but what do we eat instead?  And last but not least, who really has the time to completely revamp their whole diet?

meetjenjadah3Well, it seems we’re in luck!  Jadah Sellner and Jen Hansard, the founders of Simple Green Smoothies, have done all the work for us!  Not only do they have a whole range of delicious green smoothie recipes online – but they also have a 30-day challenge to help us kick-start a daily green smoothie routine.  

The aim of the challenge is simply to drink at least one 2-cup serving green smoothie a day in addition to our regular diet.  During the 30-Day Green Smoothie Challenge, the team send weekly emails with shopping lists, recipes and tips to initiate us into our Green Smoothie tribe.  And we can sign up for free!  And the recipes really do look amazing!

21DAY_ipadminiIf we enjoy the 30 day challenge and are ready to take the next step ie. throwing out all and every processed meal (gulp!) we can then sign up for Jadah and Jen’s Fresh Start 21-day cleanse. Created by a holistic nutritionist, each week we get a specific meal plan to follow with nutritionally-balanced recipes for optimal cleansing. A private Fresh Start 21 cleanse community on Facebook helps us along the way too— there are posts of meals, tips, struggles and support… so we stay motivated.   Although this program involves a fee, MDO thinks it very reasonable at $59 (approx £35).

So it seems we really have no more excuses… this is it. We’re going green!




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