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  • Quiet: Why A Third of Us Don’t Fit In

    Apr 30, 14 • myDayOrganised, myHealthComments Off on Quiet: Why A Third of Us Don’t Fit In
    Quiet: Why A Third of Us Don’t Fit In

    In today’s world we make room for a remarkably narrow range of personality styles.  We’re told to be great is to be bold, to be happy is to be sociable.  We like to think we value individuality, but...

  • Your Best Year Yet

    Mar 12, 14 • myContribution, myDayOrganised, myDowntime, myGrowth, myHealth, myRelationships, myWealthComments Off on Your Best Year Yet
    Your Best Year Yet

    It’s March, which means we’re already into spring, which means summer will follow soon after that. Time really flies.  How are your New Year resolutions going? We’re not sure about you but we know how they usually go and how they are going for us!...

  • Some Kind of Superstar

    Feb 19, 14 • myDayOrganised, myHealth2 Comments
    Some Kind of  Superstar

    There always seems to be a slight background pressure in all aspects of life where many of us feel the need to keep up.  It’s so fast moving and there’s so much to do that we may also believe that we’re falling behind.  We feel that our full potential, and therefore our true happiness, ...